Life After Parenting, Aging Gracefully and Relationship Boosters

I'm not pushing 50 precisely. I'll be 49 next month. But my husband is sneaking up on the five-zero in October. And I just want to let everyone out there know, that moving into the sixth decade of life isn't as bad as I thought. And some things in life get easier.

Sure there's menopause for the ladies, and dealing with menopausal women for the husbands. But that is doable with soy supplements, black cohosh, Vitex (chasteberry) and red clover (you don't even need all of those--the soy and the black cohosh are enough). And a little vitamin B and ginseng for energy and gingko biloba for mental clarity. And for guys, don't forget your St. John's Wort. You may be able to use less or even wean from antidepressants like we did. And you don't have to fuss about pregnancy anymore if that is a worry.  
Pushing 50, It Gets Better

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