More (Yes, Again) Nude Photos for Vanessa Hudgens

More Nude Photos for Vanessa Hudgens? Methinks the Lady Protest too Much Every time Vanessa Hudgens makes news it seems to be connected with nude photo leaks. In 2007, the underage Disney star took some photos of herself naked. In 2009 and 2011, more nude photos emerged. Sunbathing topless, Hudgens was caught by some giggling camera-wielding teenage boys.

Hudgens was soaking up some Hollywood sun in her uber-private backyard. The former High School Musical star, sunning herself sans bikini top, looked up in time to spot the would-be paparazzi. Covering herself with her hands, Vanessa managed to get inside before the boys could get yet another round of nude photos. Every time I read about Hudgens nude photos, I don't think "again?" I think "still?" Methinks the lady doth protest (and go unclad) too much. Read more...

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