Breaking Enabler, Codependent Behavior with Expectation Resets

Do you struggle with being overworked, over-commitment and too much expectation? Are you the first to volunteer and the last to leave? Do you say "yes" to when you mean no? Do shame and guilt drive you? You might be an enabler. Here are tips from long-term enablers on breaking habits that bind.

* Understand enabling. Ask the Online Therapist says enabling is any behavior non-addicts (codependents) engage in that make it easier for addicts to continue in addiction: care-taking, compensating, accepting unmerited blame, lowering expectations of others, increasing self-expectation, buying into shame. Codependent behaviors carry over into all relationships. The "cunning, baffling, powerful" nature of addiction (12-Step Recovery), says the codependent must carry more than her share so the addict can drop his. So she outdoes, overworks and wears herself to please.  Breaking Enabler, Codependent Behavior with Expectation Resets

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