My Most Epic Parenting Fails Mothering Young Girls

We mom-bloggers happily share our parenting successes; the failures, not so much. Positivity is good, but readers don't want to hear only triumphs. And bottom line--we're all imperfect. Some of us just have the courage to admit it. Acknowledging failure keeps me, my family and my writing real and balanced. As much (maybe more) is learned from mistakes. That's not to say we shouldn't be proud of parenting accomplishments. But my screwup memories stick--etched with toe-curling embarrassment in my brain. And that's good. It keeps me humble and reminds me what to avoid! As mom to two boys and two girls, I've fouled up generally, but here are my epic fails specifically parenting young daughters.  (My Most Epic Parenting Fails Mothering Young Girls

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