Shared Sillies Salve Relationship Bumps

My husband and I have been married for 26 years and in a relationship for 31 years this Nov. 14. We have had the humps and dumps all duets have, maybe more. Humor is one of our best survival tools (that and being ridiculously sentimental and romantic). We're also unspeakably silly. That's my Relationship glue recipe for today: never miss a chance for shared sillies. They can heal in miraculous ways. Here's how it worked today.

Husband is a third shifter. Every morning, it's the dilemma--stay up late and get work done (current project is building new porches, front and back) or go to bed and try to get up at a decent time in the evening. It gets dark early, so not much can be done after 6 pm. So he's been opting to stay up in the morning. Read on  Look What My Silly Husband Did Now

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