Bragging Up Generous, Empathetic Kids

I'm bragging up my kids. They are some of the most generous, compassionate, socially aware people on the planet. Today's brag: youngest daughter, 15, went to lunch with a friend. Upon getting home, she informed me she'd paid for friend's meal as friend "didn't have enough money." We don't mind sharing. Friend's family is loaded, but that's not the issue. The friends always seems to have plenty of money when it comes to shopping for herself. She has been known to one-up, buying what my daughter expresses interest in but has to save for. She's always splashing money about, then not offering to pay for herself when we do something. I do resent this as we have 1/100th what she has. So I was proud my daughter bought lunch and gave a generous tip from her own meager earnings. Bragging Rights on My Generous, Empathetic Daughter

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