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Best Gifts for Husbands, Boyfriends and Lovers We women often complain that our men aren't romantic. And then we buy them a tie and a wrench set for Christmas. If you want to light your man's romantic fire this holiday season, you need the right fuel. Here are romantic gifts for husbands, boyfriends and lovers. I've said this to men buying gifts for wives and girlfriends, and I'll repeat it to women buying gifts for husbands and boyfriends: do not buy gifts that represent work (appliances, tools). Do you want him to buy you a vacuum for Christmas? Also, do not buy your man a gift that you want him to use, but he will hate (aka a tie, tickets to the opera). This is a gift you would like. You have to buy him what he would like. Do you want him to give you season passes to the Possum Lodge Beer-a-thon? I thought not. The best way to shop for your guy is to get inside his head. Read more...

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