Sensual Gothic Victorian Pre-Raphaelite Ghost Halloween Costume Guide

Gothic Victorian Pre-Raphaelite Ghost Halloween Costume DIY Guide Zombies are not a new invention. They've walked the pages of horror fiction for centuries. The undead have plagued generations of Devil's night, Samhain and Walpurgis revelers. Looking to recreate some of those vintage creeps of yore? Here's a DIY guide to make Gothic Revival Victorian costumes for women. Originally, "Gothic" didn't mean the same thing as the "Goth" styles (black hair, dark clothing, vampiric overtones) of today. Gothic referred to a high medieval architectural style. Modern Goths are a throwback to the Gothic Revival (mid 1700s to early 1900s). They are influenced by the Victorians' dark obsession with rigid morality, morbidity and sexual frustration. Pre-Raphaelites opposed this hypocrisy and focused on innocent sensuality. Read on...

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