Spring Fever? No Spring Vacation? 10 Tips to Beat the Blues

That's Grand Haven pier--in March. One of life's little oxymorons: the calendar says spring but the weatherman says snow, cold, dark and drear. In Michigan we often have six to seven months of winter or winter like weather. It's almost then end of April and we're still hearing that dirty four letter word that begins with an 'S' -Snow! We've just finished 'spring' break and it looks more like mid-November outside. Sometimes I just want to hibernate until July. And some of us can't afford (or don't choose to go into debt for) spring break travel. We stay home and paint the kitchen, install new carpet, etc. My husband (and most normal people) doesn't even get spring break. That's a marketing ploy  dreamt up by merchandisers to cash in on school vacation and lure us into buying. And those of us who can't or don't participate in spring break have to feel guilty that our kids are missing out, because "everyone" is going to Florida, mom. So what was supposed to be restful turns out to be more headache and work. And I am not a bear who can hole up till spring. I have to keep going. If you suffer from end-of-winter-should-be-spring-looks-like-January-feels-November-itis, take heart. I've got ten tips to rejuvenate you until the calendar and the weather agree.  Spring Fever: 10 Tips to Beat the Blues

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